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“There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.”

Albert Einstein

Hello all and welcome to Writer’s Block! My name is Amanda and I am a recent college graduate. For years I have struggled with the want to write vs. the abilities that I thought I didn’t have. I still struggle with those thoughts and feelings every day.

This blog is meant to be for all of us. I am going to explore a lot of things and talk about a lot of stuff. Writing is not supposed to be a solo event. Writing requires a community that supports and pushes one another. Artists inspire one another to do better and to be the artist that they want to be. That’s something that is really important.

Writer’s Block is going to talk about books that I’ve written (these are chapbooks, not published ones), things I’ve done, new writing styles, events happening around here that I’ve been to – and anything else that seems interesting. Oh! And of course, BOOKS! Every good author has a arsenal of books that they’ve read and I want to share with you guys my favorites as well as reviewing old and new books so you know what’s in store for you.

I love hearing from other writers or anyone who wants to ask questions. I’m very open to sharing my journey to getting to where I am and would love to share my next steps if anyone is interested. I’m still new to this, but am very interested in building a community around myself and for others that really focuses on being supportive and encouraging to others who want to experience and try something new – even if it isn’t art related. I look forward to experiencing all of this together with you guys and learning some new stuff along the way!

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