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Hey guys!

Been a really tough week, all the people in my house got sick with everything from respiratory infections to pink eye – not a good week. Then, to top it all off, on Saturday Ace somehow got hurt and it just escalated on Sunday. Today I have to take him to the vet to make sure that he checks out okay. I’ll keep you guys updated on how he’s doing.

Then of course there’s work and my covering the opening manager’s shifts for six days. I haven’t slept much and am seriously reconsidering my job situation.

Today I mainly wanted to talk about Novel Planners.

A novel planner is exactly what it sounds like. I have been really looking into one (or several) to help focus my writing goals and keep me moving forward. There are three that I’m going to try, but I haven’t picked which one I want to start with.

Well Storied

What’s cool about this one is that it is available in PDF as well as in a bound book. It gives places to write down story ideas, do character sketches, and keep track of achievements – even if they’re small. That’s something that I like about this one a lot. It has room to be able to grow and provide a lot of different things.

If I were to do this one, I would definitely buy the PDF version because then I would be able to add more pages to a section that I need to be bigger as well as just to have access to one week at a time since that is how my life works at the moment. There is also a section for a reading list – and lets face it, if I don’t have 300 slots, it’s not big enough.

All in all, this seems like a really well rounded planner that would work to focus a reader/writer and allow them to set their own goals based on what they think that they need. I could see this being a very useful tool.

Plot Factory

This planner is good for anyone who is more into technology than having a paper copy. Everything is completely online – and that comes with some really cool perks. I’m more old fashioned and like paper, pencil, and for people to leave me alone, but sometimes there are perks to using an online option.

Plot Factory seems more like an actual writing app. You can use it wherever you want and it can also be accessed on your phone or other mobile devices. Things that are included in this are things like:

  • Character lists
  • Universe Notebook
  • Object Notebook

There are so many things that would be useful to someone who is writing an intense world building fiction piece because you have the ability to have details be connected within several pieces of fiction if you would like.

For someone like me who isn’t able to write (or really wanting to write) that kind of fiction, there are a lot of features that I wouldn’t use because they wouldn’t really work or apply to what I am writing about.

The Writing Kylie

Not going to lie, this one is pretty cool. It gives you space to do things from beginning to end and gives a checklist of how things should be done if you want to publish the traditional way. That was the coolest thing about this book. The rest of it is fairly similar to Well Storied, except this one is only available in book form.

Final Thoughts

I really like what all of these planners have to offer. They give a lot of room for detail because nobody needs to know more about your book than you. All three of the planners allow you to build your story from the ground up and create the novel that you always wanted to.

As always, I think that there are some things about planners that take away spontaneous moments in writing. The kind of moments where the story changes in 2.5 seconds because of a thought that occurred or the way that the writer is feeling in the moment. I love those moments because that’s where the story then surprises the writer and they’re sitting there like – “I wonder what’s going to happen next!”.

I will let you guys know which one I decide to use and I’ll post updates on my Instagram about how it is going.

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Thanks guys!

Till the next chapter-


My first photography project. Was a pain in the butt, but got some nice results.

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