Book Arts

Hey Everyone!

So, sorry about last week. I just needed a small break from everything to get my head back on straight and take care of a couple of things that I needed to.

But this week I wanted to focus on something that I have always had a lot of fun doing and a lot of fun planning. Book arts is any kind of book that was made for a purpose of showcasing a set of works or a single one.

My chapbook, Laments, is considered a form of book art because I designed it from beginning to end.

Book arts can be very complicated and also very simple. Behind the Veil – which you can see all the pictures of on the website – is perhaps one of the most time consuming and complex books that I have made to date. It took approximately 150 hours to put together and countless others writing and revising.

Simple books like Laments and The Bonds That Bind Us have more thought into the layout and cover than they do to embellishments. What will make them easiest to read while still allowing for people to get the meaning behind it. Sometimes that requires a juxtaposition, like using bright colors and beautiful patterns on the cover of a book about loss, or more of a personal one like a train that a grandparent made as the cover to a book about the things nearest and dearest to our hearts. There are no rules about what you can and can’t do because it all has to do with what you want it to mean.

I became obsessed about this process when I was in my first year of undergrad and a teacher wanted us to make something that was meaningful, but could also be creative in a class about human rights. My peers helped with the concept, but I was allowed to make the piece one hundred percent fiction and the way that I wanted to. Everything about it was meant to be meaningful to the story and to the way that people read the pamphlet. That’s what book art is – at least to me.

This year has been a big year for me. I graduated, have been looking for a new job, and most importantly, I’ve been working on my application to grad school. I am looking to stay local, but my program requires a lot of prep work as most programs do.

Book arts has been heavy on my mind lately because it is something that I have decided to showcase in my admissions application. So, basically right now I am working on two creative pieces and also two separate books to showcase their meaning and to capture how I make them. Sometimes the way that they are made are just as important to the way that they are presented.

I’m most certain that I will be doing another post on book arts, but for now, I think this will have to do. I am still in the early planning stages and revising of these pieces. Probably the hardest part about this is trying to edit and expand these pieces that I had set aside for awhile without feeling like I’ve ruined them.

If anyone is interested in updates, just let me know and I can try and give them as I have anything to report. I have been procrastinating hardcore this week so I barely have anything done.

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Till the next chapter-


This is the first look at the cover image on The Bonds That Bind Us. The release date on this might be later than anticipated, but it will still be an interesting piece. More to come on this in the coming months.

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