Book Review: Dark Visions Part 1 of 3

Hey Everyone!

So this is the first review of three for the Dark Visions Trilogy. I have decided to break this into three parts for a few reasons. I think that each book has its own pros and cons and I think that it’s important to know when you probably want to stop reading. The other reason is that I am only finished with the first one because the wedding has been taking up a lot of my spare time. I haven’t touched my rough draft since Saturday. So, let’s get started.


Title: The Strange Power

Author: L.J. Smith

# of Pages: 250

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Supernatural

Published: December 1994

Total Read Time: 30 Days

Rating out of 10: 4


Kaitlyn Fairchild is an Ohio senior without friends and often labeled as an outcast and as “cold”. The reason: she sees things that others can’t. She can see things as they happen, horrible things. Her skills as an artist brings it to life on paper and when people see it, they get scared. Kaitlyn finds herself getting the offer of a life time and moves to California to finish out her schooling in exchange for some testing on her “psychic” abilities. For the first time ever, she is face to face with people like her who have special powers.


In all, the first book held my attention. It did start slow and it took awhile for me to get into the story which is why the read time is so long for how short the book was. Once I was into the book and realized where it was going, I was able to roll right through it. It was difficult in the beginning to tell where the story was going. The title of the trilogy leads you to believe that it is about Vampires when in reality it is about physic abilities – which was a bit of a throw off. This first book is very light in a romance sense. There are hints of crushes, but nothing for sure happens. You’re in the head of a teenage girl, so I think that it makes sense.

I think that this is a really easy read even for an avid reader so I think that this would be perfectly fine for someone who is not accustomed to reading all the time. It is easy to follow and moves at a pace that would keep most everyone interested.

I rated this book as a 4/10 because this book really wasn’t meant to be read on it’s own. You know that it was meant to be read with the other ones and it felt like an introductory book. I don’t know if this would be one that I read again.


Just as a note for how I will be doing the reviews: the Genre that I put are the ones that I see the book as in order that I feel that they appear. Meaning this book is mostly YA and least Supernatural. Also, the rating is also just a personal opinion. As someone who reads a lot of YA in particular, this book was especially disappointing because of how hyped up the series was to me and how much I enjoy L.J. Smith’s writing.

That’s all for this book review!

The next book that I will be doing is for the second book in the Dark Visions series.

Till the next chapter


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