Staying Motivated

Hey Everyone!

We are a little half way through 2019’s NaNoWriMo and for once I am on track to finish with everyone else! (Knocks really hard on wood).

I have found myself getting overwhelmed with working, writing for 3 projects (NaNoWriMo, Blog, and my MFA application material), that I am having a hard time motivating for writing. It is something that has been making my stress levels rise a lot. I have been trying out out ways to keep up with all of my writing except for my blog. This has been the one place that I have been least wanting to write for.

I am doing a lot of stuff right now and most of the time my blog posts end up slipping through the cracks – last week it was Wednesday before I remembered that I hadn’t made my post for Monday. A lot of this has to do with my schedule being really new to me still and my trying to set up a routine.

It feels like lately I have been doing a lot of “update” posts, so next week I am going to cover one of my favorite topics – Fanfictions. I personally love fanfiction and I think that it is a highly underrated genre in all ways.

Another thing that is coming next week is the book review for Raven which I know I said would be done a long time ago, so that is going to be a priority for next week.

This week is going to be a very short post since I have quite a bit of work piled up at the moment, but next week I’m making a routine schedule and we’ll see how it works out. I have found that the easiest thing to do when trying to incorporate writing as a main focus in your life is trying out a new way to write. Try a schedule. If one doesn’t work, then try again. I’m on my third or fourth attempt at a schedule and I’m still not making it work. So fifth times the charm hopefully.

Since this is a shorter post, I will also include a poem that I included in my NaNoWriMo project called Assassin’s Fiend.

As always, I’m very appreciative for everyone who has been following along with me and understanding that transitioning into a “writing first” lifestyle is one that takes a long time especially when you are trying to build your life from the bottom up again.

I hope you guys enjoy this poem and I’ll have a post up next week on Fanfictions!

Till the next Chapter,


Assassin’s Fiend

Panic comes like a wave
It comes when the heart is soft
When the soul is tired
And when life is at its richest

It settles deep into our subconscious
Sticking needles into our very being
Making raw wounds
That seep with despair

Panic comes as pain
Swathed in black
Robbed of feeling
Writhe with malice

Thoughts become dark
Time stands still
Color turns to grey
Black becomes the sun

Cast aside your inner truth because
Agony is a friend
Love is a fiend

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