Hey Everyone!

Most people are aware of the self publishing process that can happen through Amazon and other publishing agencies. These are professionally bound books that can be bought through the publishers and there are no editors and the author makes all the decisions about what happens with this book.

Chapbooks are a little similar, but they are also very different. These books are also produced by an author, but the work is not typically all one story. It’s a collection of works that all have a similar theme in common or a specific event that will happen in each one. It can be poems, short stories, photographs – just about anything as long as it contributes to the overall flow of the book.

These books are also completely handmade by the author, so they are usually printed at home on a personal printer, or sent to a nearby printer to have the copies made. Chapbooks can have any number of types of covers, but you will always be able to tell how the book was made by looking at the colophon on the very last page, or on the back cover.

Because chapbooks are handmade, there is often a limited amount of them made. A typical run size is about fifty books, but that can go up and down depending on what the author feels the book will get. If at any point they sell out and they want to make more of them, then they have to change something about it and change the numbering system on them to show that it is a second addition of that book.

I’m telling you guys all of this because I’m a chapbook author/ maker myself. I have been working on a couple of them that I am going to be putting up here on my site to show what them and also to allow you guys to buy them. I will have a page up for each book that will have a picture of the cover, a brief description, what the cost is, and how many of them I am producing as well as how many of them I have left.

I also will have a page that tells you guys what I am working on as my next chapbook and it’s scheduled release date. If I find that many people are requesting a copy of a sold out chapbook, I will work on revamping it and scheduling a new, second release date for it. It is a lot of work to put these books together, so I will work my hardest to try and get everything up and running as quickly as possible.