July 12th 2019

Title: Laments

Style: Internal Monologues

Number of Pages: 52 (including cover)

Copies Available: 48

Price: $12

Payment Method: PayPal

Summary: Laments was my first attempt at replicating human thoughts pertaining to times of loss in different ways. Loss is a universal feeling, and everyone has felt it in one form or another which is why I thought that people would be most likely to give this a try. I wanted there to be a level of understanding and misunderstanding in these works. The human thought process is something that is so scattered that it is nearly impossible to fully comprehend – which is why I think it is so much fun to see what comes out of it.

Each section of Laments focuses on a different form of loss and how it is that some people could/would deal with it. It is meant to be disturbing and confusing at times and is all about the ability to see the loss in things as detrimental as your own mind or a loved one, to something seemingly trivial like your keys. All of these are equally important in the way that we look at this one feeling. Panic, sadness, anger, frustration, and even joy can be felt through the process of loss.

Available Until: All are sold out

To order your own, go to:

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